Dream Big: Create and Make Your Own Startup Reality

Dream Big: Create and Make Your Own Startup Reality

By Alan Weinkrantz


As part of our outreach into the various startup communities around Israel, the team from TAU Innovation Week / TLV Startup Challenge was on hand at an event with Erik Torenberg, member of the startup team from Product Hunt, and Slava Rubin, CEO of Indiegogo.

While I encourage you to view the whole thing, if you don’t have time, fast forward to 10:05 and listen to some very profound words of wisdom from Slava Rubin.

No, this not about crushing it, killing, scaling and being awesome. 

It’s about creating- and making your own reality.  

Slava also shares his insights on the three myths of startup life: 

·      why you don’t need a business plan

·      why you don’t need a lot of money to get started,

·      that being an entrepreneur is linear. 

Pay attention to the last point in particular.

Being an entrepreneur is about having the ability to navigate a parallel path.

There’s the real world – the reality which we all live in.

There is the dream world. 

It’s what we have inside our head and what we believe to be true.

For a good entrepreneur, the challenge is to create and make your own reality.  

Watch and learn. 

Be inspired and cross the chasm.

I hope to learn more about your dreams at the TLV Startup Challenge.


Alan Weinkrantz is the Rackspace Brand Ambassador to Israel with a mission to help Israeli startup and developers succeed.