TAU Innovation Speaker Profile: John Foreman, Chief Data Scientist, Mailchimp

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By Alan Weinkrantz 

TAU Innovation Week attracts notable speakers and thought leaders from around the world.  


I am a big time Mailchimp user to email newsletters, announcements, and launch campaigns.  I am not a data geek and I don’t use Mailchimp daily.  But when I need it, it’s there, it works, and gives me great insights into who is opening my emails, what campaigns work best, and where the recipient is clicking.

Somewhere underneath all this simplicity is some pretty deep smarts.  And that’s where John Foreman, Chief Data Scientist, and his team come in.  

Being that they send 600 million emails a day (not a misprint) they have some insights and a sense of how people, businesses and organizations are using their platform.

John’s coming to Israel to speak, to learn, and engage with the TAU Innovation / TLV Challenge community.

Give his interview a listen. 

Be sure to register and not miss out on the opportunity to meet and connect with people like John who are coming to Israel from all over the world.


Alan Weinkrantz is the Rackspace Brand Ambassador to Israel with a mission to help Israeli startup and developers succeed.