Global Delegation Profile: Pere Condom Vila’, CEO of Entrepreneurship – Government of Catalonia

TAU Innovation Week attracts global delegations from all over the world, who are coming to meet and connect with the startup ecosystem in Israel.

Meet Pere Condom Vila’, CEO of Entrepreneurship for the Government of Catalonia.   A visit to their web site illustrates an incredible and vibrant startup and innovation economy.

But I think there’s something even more compelling:  if you are building a global, scalable company, and want to communicate and engage with the second  most widely spoken language in the world – namely Spanish; you’d be well served to explore collaborating with other startups based in Spain, and use it as your launch pad to grow into Mexico and South America. 

While the are subtle differences in language from country to country, remember that Spain is only a four-hour flight from Israel. 

Pere is bringing a delegation of startups with him. You’d be well served to connect with he and his team and see what the possibilities might be at TAU Innovation / TLV Challenge community. 

Be sure to register, and not miss out on the opportunity to meet and connect with delegations like Pere’s, who are coming to Israel from all over the world.


Alan Weinkrantz is the Rackspace Brand Ambassador to Israel with a mission to help Israeli startup and developers succeed.