Greg Rogers

Managing Director @ Techstars


John Foreman

Chief Data Scientist @ MailChimp


Nir Chinsky

Head of MEA Cloud Platform @ Google




Philippe Mauchard

Partner at McKinsey & Company, co-Founder and Global Director McKinsey Solutions


+ and more




Aaron Harris 

Partner @ Y Combinator


Boris Veldhuijzen

Founder @ The Next Web


Yan Chelly 

Sr. Manager @ eBay


Ahi Gvirtsman 

Head of innovation @ HP Software 


Gary Stewart 

Director @ Wayra UK 


Gai Hetzroni 

Manager, Corporate Affairs @ Cisco 


Gil Ben-Artzy 

Partner @ UpWest Labs 



Cagdas Onen 

Marketing Manager @Yandex Turkey




Shenhav Avidar

Business Development Manager @ PayPal




Lior Yekoutieli

Developers Experience Manager @ Nokia acquired by Microsoft




Gilli Cegla

Venture Partner @ hub:raum TLV



Henry Chen Weinstein

Focused on breaking innovation barriers, both locally and globally.

As part of this mission founded platforms for entrepreneurship such as TLV STARTUP Challenge and Phorme Workshop, and the Vertical Engine Program with Tel Aviv University.

He has been involved with product development his entire professional life. As an experienced product manager for almost a decade (private and public sectors) he helped define, scope, develop and implement products in various and diverse industries (From Electro-Optics to Mobile Commerce), driving growth and product success. 

Passionate about catalyzing high impact entrepreneurship by by creating advantages for startups at all stages.

Giuseppe Calo

A passionate and entrepreneurial person in love with everything related to technology.

Co-founder and CMO of Compoze with experience in business development and startup consultancy in various countries and industries for companies like Merril Lynch, SAE, Santander and Yadwire where he; originated deals and opened new markets, acquired strong execution skills, forged relationships with professionals & entrepreneurs in the Corporate and Start-up world and built an important network of contacts in Italy, Israel, UK and Spain.

Juan Camilo Coronel

A marketing and entrepreneurship devotee with experience in small businesses (SEs) development. He is currently the Local Community Manager for StartBase Colombia and worked as independent contractor for a couple years in the colombian ecosystem for Propaís, the most relevant organization that serves as the guild of guilds of institutions supporting MSMEs in the country. 

Giuseppe Ragosta

A dynamic, engaging and full of enthusiasm person; always trying to get involved in new contexts with the aim of challenge himself out of his comfort zone.
Currently he is the Project Manager at Starteed, junior consultant for BYSE (Bocconi Young Students Entrepreneurs), as well as an exchange student at the MBA program of Tel Aviv University, with a focus on innovation, technology and M&A.